Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

1. Scope

This cookie policy provides information on the type, scope and purposes of the processing of data obtained through cookies and similar technologies (jointly referred to as "cookies" throughout this document for the sake of simplicity), based on the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the German Telecommunications Media Data Protection Act (Telekommunikation-Telemedien-Datenschutzgesetz, TTDSG) and the Spanish Digital Privacy Act (Act 34/2002, of 11 July 2022, on information society services and e-commerce, LSSI).

We would like to point out that this Cookie Policy may not apply to all Porsche-related websites. In particular, the websites of other Porsche companies or those targeting other international markets, including the websites of Porsche Centres or Porsche dealers and service companies, have their own settings and may have different policies.

This cookie policy applies to the domain

2. Data controllers, data protection officers and data subjects' rights

The use of cookies on Porsche websites targeting the Spanish market falls under the responsibility and control of the individual companies offering the websites in question. The following companies assume responsibility for the data processing associated with the cookies and for the control of that processing (throughout this document, also referred to as "we" or "us" for the sake of simplicity):

Regarding certain cookies, the aforementioned companies jointly decide on the purposes and means of processing personal data. This applies in particular to cookies that are used on jointly offered websites or on the various Porsche websites for the Spanish market. To access information regarding the applicable liability regime with respect to the processing derived from each cookie, as well as other information related to the cookies installed, click on the information icon next to each cookie in the configurator in the section "Your cookie settings on this website" below in this cookie policy.

In cases where we are dealing with a co-responsibility regime, we indicate in a co-responsibility agreement, in accordance with Article 26 of the GDPR, how the respective tasks and responsibilities arising from the processing are structured, and who fulfills the different data protection obligations. In particular, we determine how to ensure an adequate level of security and the rights of data subjects, how data protection reporting obligations can be jointly fulfilled, and how potential data protection incidents can be monitored. This also involves ensuring that reporting and notification obligations can be fulfilled. If you contact us, we will coordinate in accordance with the aforementioned agreement pursuant to Article 26 of the GDPR to respond to your inquiry and ensure your rights as a data subject. In the detailed views in the "Your cookie settings" area, you will find information on which cookies are used and who has (possibly joint) control over such use.

In addition, in connection with data processing via cookies on the Porsche Marketplace platform (offered by Porsche Sales and Marketplace GmbH, which includes the Porsche Finder and the Porsche Shop), joint control may be exercised together with the other parties participating on this platform, such as the Porsche companies (in particular, Porsche Financial Services GmbH and Porsche Services Ibérica, S.L.) and Porsche Centres, or the Porsche dealers and service companies. In this case, we shall also act according to the procedure described above and appropriate arrangements will be drawn up to organise joint control.

The external providers that technically implement the processing via cookies are listed as "Data recipients" in the detailed view under the "Your cookie settings" area, thereby allowing you to obtain information on them. If external providers act as processors or, in certain cases, joint controllers in conjunction with us, we shall enter into the necessary arrangements with these external providers or organise the data processing accordingly. Please note that external providers may merge the data generated with other data and also use it for their own purposes.

For information on your rights as a data subject in relation to third-party use of cookies, please refer to the general privacy policies of the websites of those third parties.

3. Categories of Personal Data

When we make a reference in this Porsche Cookie Policy to the categories of data processed, we are referring to the following data in particular: master data (e.g. names, addresses or dates of birth), contact details (e.g. email addresses, telephone numbers or messaging services), content data (e.g. text input, photos, videos or content of documents/files), contractual data (e.g. purpose of the contract, terms and conditions or categories of customers), payment data (e.g. bank details, payment history or use of other payment service providers), usage data (e.g. history on our website, use of certain content, access times or contacts or orders history), connection data (e.g. device information, IP addresses or URL referrers), location data (e.g. GPS data, IP geolocation or hotspots), diagnostic data (e.g. crash logs, website or application performance data or other technical data for failure and error analysis).

4. Categories of cookies and similar technologies

Cookies are text files that a website saves or reads on your end device. They contain combinations of letters and numbers that allow us to recognise users and their settings when they return to the website that set the cookie; they also enable users to remain logged in to a customer account and allow us to statistically analyse the behaviour of individual users.

WebStorage technology allows local storage of variables and values in users' browser cache. The technology includes the so-called "sessionStorage" property, which remains stored until the browser tab is closed, as well as "localStorage", which remains stored in the browser cache until the user deletes it. The localStorage technology makes it possible, among others, to recognise users and their settings when they return to our website.

Cookies or similar technologies can only be accessed from the internet address at which the cookie was set. This means that we cannot access cookies set by the service providers involved. These service providers, in turn, are also unable to access our cookies. Third parties cannot access our cookies or those of the service providers involved. Third parties can only gain access through technical attacks that are beyond our control and for which we are not responsible.

Tracking pixels are small graphic files that are loaded from the servers of the respective service provider when users access our website. This also includes the loading of programme code that enables the collection of data (e.g. regarding their behaviour as users when visiting our website).

Cookies and similar technologies may enable the storage of information on your device or allow us to access the information stored on it. Cookies used on our websites can be classified into different categories. Although technically necessary cookies will be stored whenever you visit our websites, you will have the option to indicate whether or not you wish to allow the use of cookies from other categories. You can change your settings at any time. Please note that blocking certain types of cookies may affect your experience on our website or the services and features you are able to access through our website.

For general information on the cookies used, please see the sections and detailed view below ("Your cookie settings").

Your cookie settings on this website

5. Processing location

The processing of personal data collected by means of cookies is generally carried out in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), or in third countries in relation to which the European Commission has confirmed an adequate level of data protection in accordance with Article 45(3) of the GDPR. However, it is possible, in particular, that any third-party providers used could have their registered office in third countries – such as the United States of America (USA) – which do not have a similar level of data protection to that required under the GDPR or could process the data there. In such cases, we shall comply with the requirements of Article 44 and following of the GDPR and take measures to bring the level of data protection into line with the GDPR standard by means of appropriate safeguards, in particular by entering into standard contractual clauses as set out by the European Commission in Article 46(2)(c) of the GDPR. In this regard, a transfer of data may also take place if it is necessary for the performance of a contract or the implementation of pre-contractual measures in accordance with Article 49(1)(b) and (c) of the GDPR.

With regard to analytics cookies, as well as (possibly personalised) marketing cookies, which are only used if the relevant consent has been obtained, by providing the declaration of consent under Article 49(1)(a) of the GDPR the user agrees that data may be processed in third countries outside the EU which lack a level of data protection that complies with the GDPR standard. For more information on the processing location of the cookies used, please refer to the sections and detailed view below ("Your cookie settings"). In relation to the granting of consent, please note that due to the different legal statuses of third countries, there may be latent risks that the transferred data will not be processed in accordance with the GDPR (e.g. by third-party providers that merge the data with other data and use it for their own purposes, where you may not be able to exercise your rights as a data subject, including the rights of access and erasure, as would be possible under the GDPR). In particular, local authorities in the third country in question could access the data without providing you with effective legal protection or enforceable rights as in the EU.

6. Consent and possibility of objecting to the use of cookies and similar technologies

In the cookie settings and the settings of similar technologies used on our website, you have the option of voluntarily granting your consent to the use of (possibly personalised) analytical and marketing technologies, involving the potential transfer of data to third countries on an individual or general basis, as well as the option to revoke that consent at any time in the future. If you do not wish to use certain technologies or cookies in general, you can also prevent them from being stored on your end device by configuring the appropriate settings on that device or in your internet browser. You can select "Do not accept cookies" in your internet browser settings. The process of managing and deleting cookies in your internet browser settings is described in your internet browser's help menu. You can also block all cookies by using free internet browser plug-ins such as Adblock Plus (, in addition to the EasyPrivacy list ( or Ghostery ( It is not possible, in all cases, to exclude access to similar technologies such as WebStorage content or Pixel-Tags. Stored cookies can be deleted at any time in the system settings of your device or your internet browser. Please note that the functionality and range of features of our offer may be limited if you block cookies or similar technologies or refuse to consent to their use.

7. Retention period for data obtained from cookies

The data obtained from cookies will be kept for the period necessary to achieve the purpose for which they were installed and, in particular, for the following periods:

User data or conversions in Google Analytics Universal: 26 monthsGoogle Analytics 4 data: 14 months Facebook Audiences data: 180 days
At the end of these periods, the data will be deleted.